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There appears to be an on-going revival of organizations and related activities in our region. As posted earlier, we have revived the regional network of social workers in Western Visayas last month. It started with consultation during the World Social Work Day celebration on Mach 19 at Central Philippine University (CPU). Thereafter, the Social Workers Organizations’ Regional Network (SWORN) was organized to keep the rich heritage and tradition of Ilonggo social workers alive. It will serve as coordinating body of all social work organizations affiliated with recognized national bodies, as well as other independent ones.

Then on May 24, a consultation-meeting with social workers in the non-government organizations was held at the Department of Social Work, CPU. As a result, the core of Alliance of Social Workers in the Non-Government Organizations/People’s Organizations (ASIN) was created to pave the way for the assembly on July 19, 2013.

Interestingly, the revival of another social work- led network became a part of the discussion during the meeting. Majority of those present appeared to like the idea of establishing alliance with other development workers and advocates. In essence, this is what the original ASIN is all about. The acronym given to the newly organized alliance of social workers in the NGOs was actually taken from this original alliance established in 2004. Circumstances, however, prevented its growth and development. Hence, its hibernation for some years.

But with this current trends in revival, let me introduce what the other ASIN stands for, just in case there are readers of this blog who want to join in its revival. It stands for Alliance of Social workers, welfare and development advocates for Integrated services and Nationalism. The acronym, which is a Pilipino term for salt, symbolizes the essence and significance of the organization vis-a-vis the realities in our present society and in the whole world.

ASIN is indispensably needed in our time because of the awful corruption, depravity and sinfulness of the world system around us. Just as salt cures, preserves, and gives flavors, so will ASIN minister to a wounded, decaying and savorless world


General: To serve as network of individuals, groups and organizations that are committed to
holistic development of people and communities through advocacy, solidarity, integrated services and nationalism.


1. To advocate for social welfare and development policies, legislations, programs, services and activities that will benefit the marginalized sectors, as well as the implementors of the same.

2. To establish/strengthen solidarity among social welfare and development workers in public and private endeavors, non-government organizations, peoples’ organization, sectoral and professional groups who are committed to holistic development and the delivery of integrated services.

3. To coordinate/consolidate social welfare and development endeavors towards integrated service delivery.

4. To promote the spirit of nationalism and patriotism as a way of life.

5. To engage in special projects that would hasten the delivery of basic services and enhance the development of the marginalized sectors.

6. To mobilize human and material resources of various sectors in pursuit of social, economic, political, environmental, moral and ethical development of the people.

7. To participate in the electoral process and exercises through partylist representation, and other avenues whereby the association is qualified..


ASIN will set up Centers and projects that will provide programs and services consistent with the following thrusts: Advocacy, Solidarity, Integrated Services, and Nationalism.

The Research Center will have twofold major functions, namely: to study, review, and advocate for the full implementation of approved Social Legislations related to the delivery of basic services; and to design/sponsor social legislations that will enhance and hasten the delivery of basic services to the marginalized sectors and welfare and development workers.

ASIN will also initiate educational endeavors to promote the spirit of nationalism such as seminars, trainings, exposure and sponsor celebrations with national significance and periodic mobilization to highlight patriotism and nationalism.


Membership is open to all individuals, groups, organizations, coalitions, and networks of social workers, community development workers, welfare and development advocates who believe in, and subscribe to the principles, objectives, and purposes of the association. They should have tested commitment in welfare and development endeavors and other forms of community service whether governmental, NGOs, people’s organizations, business, church, academe, civic, professional and other sectoral or civil society organizations and willing to dedicate their time, talents, and treasures for the attainment thereof.


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